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K2 Curriculum

Math/Science: Simple counting 1-10; number recognition and beginning numeral association; shapes; bigger/smaller, light/dark, empty/full, hot/cold; introduction to our senses (touch, taste, sight, smell, hear) through classroom themes/seasonal topics; cooking.


Bible: is taught and integrated throughout the entire day; values/manners; virtues; a child learns that he is special and God loves him for who he is; Bible lessons, stories and concepts are taught through dramatic play, songs and games which are age-appropriate; Chapel time.


Arts and Crafts: creative expression; eye-hand coordination; developing fine motor/pre-writing skills; art based on class themes/seasons; mediums using paint, play-dough, crayons etc; introduction to scissor use.


Language/Music: language expression; uppercase A-Z recognition and discrimination; listening skills; movement; using various musical instruments while listening to music and stories; introduction to Spanish; introduction to Sign Language; music and movement class.


Motor: locomotor (gross), axial (twisting, bending,...) and manipulative (fine) motor skills; vocabulary expansion in directional terms such as up and down, top and bottom;  optional after school enrichment programs are provided with Liberty Soccer Academy and Kidokinectics on selected days.